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Premium WordPress ThemesThe Google Webmaster Blog had a great post today on what to do if your site gets hacked. The first thing you should not do is panic. Fully responsive premium WordPress themes for modern online magazines.

There’s no sure fire way to prevent your website from getting hacked, but there are some things that you can do to cut down on the risk of hackers screwing it up for you.

No. 1, use complicated passwords. Don’t use simple one word passwords that contain no capital letters or numbers. Simple passwords are easy to guess and many bots can figure them out in a crunch. Use complicated passwords and write them down in a place where no one else will find them. Keep them secure.

Use the latest edition of your software or CMS system. If your site is built on WordPress, make sure that you are using the latest edition of WordPress. They update often. The same goes for Joomla, Drupal, or any other CMS system. Get the latest update.

If using custom scripts, make sure your input fields are sanitized. That simply means that user input should never be trusted 100%. In order to prevent hacking via way of SQL injection and other technical methods of hacking that require user input, you should employ cookies, session tracking IDs, and hidden fields. These will cut down on your chances of hackers wreaking havoc on your website.

Remember that there is no fail safe way to prevent hacking, but these methods can cut down on any chances of your website being hacked.

Premium WordPress Themes – Seminar Training

If you’re wondering whether Google Analytics is a tool you can use for Search Engine Optimization, trust me, it is. And if you get half a chance then you should attend the Google Analytics training seminar.

Analytics is not just about tracking PPC conversions. That’s a part of it, to be sure. But analytics also allows you to track your visitors to see where they come from, where they go once they’re on your site, how long they stay, which links the click, and so on. All of this is valuable information.

Knowing and understanding the behavior of visitors on your website is one of the most important things you can do. For instance, if you get more traffic to a certain page from StumbleUpon than you do from organic searches, wouldn’t you like to know that? Sure you would. That’s valuable information.

If you can determine that a certain web page on your website has a higher than average percentage bounce rate then you can tweak the content on that page to keep visitors on your site longer. That’s what Google Analytics can do for you. It can help you make important, intelligent decisions about the content on your website.

If you are interested in learning more about Google Analytics, take a look at where the next training session is going to be and attend one.

Premium WordPress Themes – Webmaster Guidelines

Most webmasters will inadvertently break one of the search engines’ guidelines at some point. What should you do if you receive a notice that you have violated one of Google’s webmaster guidelines?

First, you should know that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of the cure. Be familiar with the guidelines before you start building your website. You don’t have to memorize them. That’s why they’re posted online for all to see. But as you are building your website, make a point from time to time to go back and visit the guidelines. Read them about once or twice a year to stay current.

Google’s webmaster guidelines are broken down into three key areas:

  • Design and content
  • Technical
  • Quality

If you get a notice that you’ve violated any of Google’s guidelines, it will likely be in one of these three key areas. Google will be very specific about what it is you’ve done to violate their guidelines so pay attention to what your notice says and address that issue.

Your best bet is to fix what Google has said is wrong with your website right away. Do this as soon as possible. You don’t want lingering issues and the longer you allow a violation to sit the harder it will be to gain any rankings you might lose. If you address them soon enough you might not see any loss in rankings, PageRank, or other loss of benefits. Wait too long and you could lose ground against your competition that you’ll have to fight hard to get back.

After fixing the problem, log into your Google webmaster account and click on Request Reconsideration under the Tools tab. Google will re-evaluate your website to see that it meets the guidelines and if you’ve managed to do that then they will re-include you in the search listings and you can continue with your Search Engine Optimization efforts.

Premium WordPress Themes – Visitor Tracking

What is the most important thing for webmasters to focus on? It is Search Engine Optimization, social media marketing, blogging, article marketing, pay per clicking advertising, directory submissions?

In my view, the most important thing to be doing is none of those. Rather, the most important thing for all webmasters serious about making money online is tracking. You really need to track your visitors, clicks, conversions, and other key data. If you aren’t tracking what is going on at your website and what your visitors are up to then you don’t know what you need improvement on.

Google Analytics makes tracking very easy. You simply insert the Google Analytics code on your website and set some goals and let the software tell you what is happening. You can track visitors, conversions, and your goals all in one system. Unless you use some kind of analytics or tracking service, you can’t know how your PPC is converting sales or whether your content is closing the sale. When you set your tracking in place then you’ll know the areas where you need improvement.